Who is bi WOONING?

After 4 years having worked in the more technical detail section he returned back in sales but this time as a sales manager.
By this time he already learned what a customer is and how to translate business questions into technical solutions.
In this position he now also learned how to motivate people and to understand there drive.

Then as a functional manager started working with the business to set up / organize an IT-department based on ITIL.
Finally in the beginning of 2006 he got in contact with business inteligence at RCI banque (Renault).

This is the area where business and technical come together it seemed like everything fell in place.
This is definitely the kind of work he wanted to do for a long time.
First as an employee where he worked on Business intelligence projects for the following companies:
Philips - (Rosendaal) Malmberg - (’S Hertogenbosch) Universiteit van Utrecht (Utrecht)
Gemini (IJmuiden) NXP (Eindhoven) CIZ (Zeist-Driebergen)
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